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The Best Jewelry Trends For Spring/Summer 2021 You Need Right Now

From Art-Deco jewelry pieces of the 1920s to colorful statement necklaces of the 2010s, the world of jewelry has seen a multitude of different trends over the years. While some of these trends are short-lived, many former trendy items have become staples in your jewelry collection.

The warmer seasons are all about fresh starts and exciting prospects. It's the perfect time to incorporate the latest jewelry trends into your style and play around with your new pieces until you find your favorite accessories - the ones that will remain in your jewelry box for years to come!

Let’s take a look at the biggest jewelry trends for spring/summer 2021.

Gold jewelry

1. Bold gold

Gold jewelry is a timeless staple. Treasured for millennia, gold is still the most popular precious metal in fine jewelry in 2021. From essential pieces like stud and hoop earrings to trendy designs such as bold chain necklaces and medals, gold jewelry is the hottest spring/summer trend this year.

Make a statement with an oversized gold ring or show-stopping gold chain bracelet. For an even trendier look, layer gold necklaces and mix different styles to take your layering game to the next level.

Chunky gold chains

2. Thick chains

These statement chains go hand in hand with the gold jewelry trend. Chunky gold chains are here to stay, and they’re perfect for layering - which is another hot trend for spring/summer 2021.

Thick chains are super versatile and can be matched to all the other trendy items of the season. Whether you opt for chunky chain necklaces, bracelets, or both, they pair beautifully with more delicate and open link styles. And, you can mix different necklace lengths, add charms, medals, and pendants to complete the look. The more, the merrier!

Precious pearls

3. Precious pearls

Don’t think for a second that pearls are just for grandmas! From drop earrings to statement necklaces, pearls are all the rage in 2021.

But, these trendy pearl jewelry pieces go beyond the classic strand necklace. The fresh take on this classic staple is styling layered and mismatched pearls together. Baroque and colorful pearls are particularly popular, and so is mixing your pearl pieces with your gold jewelry. Have fun playing around with different combinations until you find your favorite one!

Textured ring

4. Heavy metal

No, not that kind of heavy metal. Prepare to see oversized statement jewelry everywhere this summer. From chunky cuffs to thick super-sized hoops, heavy metal jewelry pieces reminiscent of hardware prove that bigger is better in 2021.

Textured metal is also all the rage. From hammered cuffs to crushed hoop earrings, textured pieces are the perfect way of adding a twist to classic pieces. And the best part is that the possibilities of different textures are virtually endless - not to mention unique!

Long drop earrings

5. Long drop earrings

Do you notice a pattern here? Statement pieces are the biggest trend of the year! Long drop earrings might be the most flattering trend on this list because they frame your face, bringing extra sparkle to your eyes.

Let your long drop earrings steal the show by pairing them with a sleeveless top and ditching wearing any necklaces.

Ring stack

6. A handful of rings

Gone are the days of wearing only one ring on each hand. With rings - as with any jewelry in 2021 - the more, the merrier. Stackable rings are great for creating different combinations, and are the perfect accessory for every occasion.

The styling options are endless! To make your ring stack even more personal, go for designs which feature your birthstone or your favorite gemstone. After all, colorful rings are also huge for spring and summer this year.

Diamond jewelry

7. Dreamy diamonds

Diamond jewelry is a huge trend for spring and summer 2021. From tennis bracelets to diamond hoop earrings, diamond jewelry pieces are incredibly elegant and versatile.

These precious gems give off a stunning glimmer which instantly adds a touch of glamour to any outfit. And, the best part is that diamond jewelry feels modern, but you know these pieces will never go out of style!

Stacked necklaces

8. Stacked necklaces

It’s safe to say that 2021 is not the year for minimalist jewelry. Even when daintier pieces take center stage - such as classic pendant necklaces - they’re paired with bolder pieces or are stacked to create a lavish look.

This spring and summer, have fun stacking your favorite necklaces - and be sure to mix different styles, lengths, textures, colors, and metals to get the coolest results.

Safira jewelry

9. Pop of color

Jewelry doesn’t have to be all about metallic hues. Wearing colorful jewelry pieces will brighten your day! Designs which feature colorful details, such as stunning gemstones, are here to stay.

Whether you prefer wearing a colorful charm bracelet, a multicolored necklace, or a pair of gemstone earrings, this trend is a great way of adding a fun touch to your everyday outfits.

Meaningful pendants

10. Meaningful pendants, charms, and medals

While you might wear some jewelry pieces simply because you think they look pretty, there’s nothing like wearing a super-meaningful piece, such as a charm bracelet full of your best memories, or a locket with pictures of your loved ones.

Initial necklaces, sweet charms, and religious or lucky medals are among the most popular jewelry pieces of the season. Wear your heart on your sleeve with meaningful jewelry pieces!

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