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Jewelry Repair 101: All Your Jewelry Repair Questions Answered By Experts

Your favorite jewelry pieces are more than just accessories. They’re some of your most treasured belongings because they’re personal and meaningful.

When you look at that bracelet you got for that special birthday, you remember the moment you opened that sweet box and saw it for the first time, as your best friend watched with joy and asked if you liked it.

Every time you wear that necklace that your grandma passed down to you, you can almost smell the cupcakes you used to bake together when you were a kid.


Catching a glimpse of your engagement ring is all it takes for you to picture your sweetheart and
thank your lucky stars for waking up next to your soulmate every morning. That’s why jewelry matters.
And that’s also why you can only trust your beloved jewelry to the best and most respectable jewelers.

Care for your jewelry

You wear your favorite jewelry pieces all the time and, as a result, they’re susceptible to some wear and tear. 

That’s why it’s important to always take proper care of your jewelry and be on the lookout for any signs that may indicate your favorite pieces are in danger of damage or breakage. That way, you can prevent the damage before it happens. 

If your most worn jewelry pieces are already showing signs of damage, though, don't despair! Take your beloved pieces to a trusted jeweler, and they’ll restore them back to their original glory.


What can jewelers fix?

Jewelry repairs can range from simple to complex. That being said, some of the most common issues
that need repairing can be easily fixed by professional jewelers. Let’s take a look at these issues.

Ring Resizing

Ring Resizing

Whether your ring is too loose or too tight, an expert jeweler can easily adjust it to fit your finger like a glove. The process is simple: the bottom of the shank is cut, then metal is either added or removed to adjust the size, and finally, the band is soldered back together. Voilà, you have a perfect ring!

You might be wondering whether resizing a ring will damage it. Luckily, knowledgeable goldsmiths can impeccably and seamlessly resize your ring without causing any damage to it.

Prong Replacement

Prong Repair and Replacement

Prongs are super delicate, so it’s only natural that, over time, they start to wear out.  Since those tiny prongs are made for holding precious gemstones in place, when they become worn, the gemstones they’re holding can become unstable. 

The good news is that prongs can be easily fixed. Repairs range from flattening a prong and putting it back in place to replacing all the prongs around a gemstone.

Polishing Ring

Broken Shank

One of the most common questions we get is “can a jeweler fix a cut ring?”. And the answer is yes, absolutely! The precious metals used in jewelry are quite hard to break, but occasional fractures may happen over time - especially if you’ve been wearing your beloved ring every day for many years, hardly ever taking it off.

Fortunately, fixing a broken shank is quite easy. All it takes is soldering a little piece of metal to the broken part of the band and polishing the ring for a flawless finish! It will look so perfect, you will never be able to tell the difference.

Chain Repairs

Clasp and Chain Repairs

Another question we hear all the time is if we can fix a snapped gold chain. The good news is that we fix those all the time! Broken chains and loose clasps are incredibly common.

Chain necklaces and bracelets are delicate pieces, so if some links get weak or the clasp becomes wobbly, a jeweler can easily repair or replace them, depending on how damaged they are.


How long does it take to repair jewelry?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer here because it depends on what you’re having repaired and the complexity of the work required. On average, though, you can expect a turn-around time of a couple of hours to a couple of weeks.

No matter how long it takes to repair your beloved piece, just remember that having your jewelry looking impeccable requires great attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship, so those hours of undivided care are never a bad thing.


Where to get jewelry repaired in Vidalia, GA?

Arlene's Fine Jewelry is the most trusted jewelry repair service in Vidalia, GA. Our master craftsmen use trusted techniques and the latest technology to restore your jewelry piece back to its original glory. 

Whether you’d like to restyle a family heirloom, get your wedding ring polished, give your most-worn necklace some TLC, or you’re after a complex repair, our craftsmen will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you need.

We invite you to visit us to see first-hand how we care for you and your jewelry. You can find us at 109 Church Street, Vidalia, GA.