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Imagine an engagement ring shinning on your beloved’s fingers now and forever
How to choose engagement rings? Where do they come from? What is the most suitable type of ring for her personality and style? How to know which is the perfect diamond or gemstone?

The engagement ring is the jewel that will be with your sweetheart from the beginning to each important
stage of your story together.

We know choosing the right engagement ring can be a complex task: there is a multitude of stones, shapes, and designs to explore! So, let's find out the answers to these questions together and learn how to choose a fascinating engagement ring!

Origin of engagement rings

While there are registers of rings exchanged since Egyptian civilizations, engagement rings as we know them now come to
us from Europe, where princes and princesses used them as a
symbol of their commitment and love.

Slowly the offer of engagement rings has become a romantic and special ritual, which symbolizes the promise to keep love and
fidelity until the wedding day formalizes it in front of
friends and family.


Types of Engagement Rings

There are many meanings attributed to different engagement ring styles. The design will mark a
precious daily presence, embellishing your sweetheart and giving brightness to enrich any look immediately.


The solitaire

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We love this style because it is a type of engagement ring made using two mirrored stones or diamonds that barely touch each other, a symbol of the indissoluble union between two lovers.

Here precious stones are used to create strong contrasts, harmony, and symmetry of shapes, for incredibly beautiful rings.



The main feature of the halo style is a diamond crown surrounding a large central gemstone or diamond. Sparkling and precious, the halo engagement ring can have a stone of different cuts in the center such as teardrop, princess, cushion, oval, emerald, and more.



A classic model that symbolizes eternal love, a pearl engagement ring will be the perfect choice for a sophisticated and elegant fiancée.



Flower-inspired engagement rings appeal to lovers of Victorian or antique jewelry. They also look very romantic on future brides with delicate and small hands.


How to select diamonds: the 4Cs

Each diamond is unique and will reflect the story of your journey. All diamonds share some characteristics that allow
them to be compared and evaluated. These peculiarities are grouped internationally and recognized as 4Cs: color, carat, cut, and clarity.



Each diamond has a different shade of color depending on its chemical composition.

The majority of diamonds fall within shades ranging from
colorless to yellow or brown where colorless diamonds
are recognized as rarer and more precious.


The clarity of a diamond is defined by the presence or absence of inclusions—impurities inside the crystal or that start from the surface and extend inwards.

Or other external characteristics— impurities
that are confined to the surface of the stone.


The cut gives brilliance and charm to the stone. It is the process that transforms stones in raw form found during extraction.

In this phase, the cutter exploits the unique characteristics that the diamond has.

By choosing the best proportions and symmetries, artisans
optimize the sparkle of each stone.


To express the weight of a diamond, the karat is used as the unit of measurement. It is very rare to find large crystals of diamonds.

For this reason, large pieces are extremely sought and have the highest value.

Engagement rings with colored stones

Just like the design of rings, gemstones too have particular meanings. Based on the feeling you want to
communicate, choose engagement rings with a gem that fully reflects it. Here we list the most popular choices.



This stone is the symbol of a happy life, deep love, and rebirth. It fits perfectly with a creative personality. It also embodies the value of patience and unconditional love, not only between two partners but also within a family.


The ocean blue stone offers calm feelings and symbolizes loyalty and trust with a special charm. A sapphire engagement ring suits a strong and confident person. Sapphires have become more and more popularized since the engagement of Kate Middleton and Prince William who offered her a sublime sapphire ring.


You will convey deep love when you give an engagement ring with a ruby. The stone has a special vibration. Being the symbol of unconditional love, it is ideal for bright personalities.

Types of metals


Despite the huge selection of engagement rings, the classic options of gold and platinum are especially popular and in-demand. Choose it not only according to its characteristics but also considering the
personality and tastes of the future bride.

White gold is particularly modern, yellow gold is a great classic. Rose gold , with its antique charm, is perfect for romantic people (or for those who love a retro style). Platinum is perfect for energizing and
bright future brides.

The new trends show even one piece of jewelry can contain several metals shades. Rose and white gold are popular with bridal jewelry, but fashionable gold rings are also reemerging paired with rose and
white gold.

Platinum is a favorite for its purity which makes it a great hypoallergenic choice. Read more about precious metals
here .

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