How to pick diamond fashion jewelry Guide

How to pick diamond fashion jewelry

Diamonds become a part of our story. They hallmark our proudest moments like engagements, weddings, promotions, and graduation. Not to mention that evening we wish to look stunning! Diamonds let us be whatever we want, and that is why we feel so incomplete without them!
Every time we wear a diamond, it becomes less of an accessory and more a part of us. Let's explore why we love diamond jewelry, how to identify excellent diamonds, and how each diamond jewel can liven up your looks and aura.

Why buy diamond jewelry?

Diamonds are so precious that they are set in jewels. Their value as a long-lasting rock and resistance makes us associate them with expressions of eternal love. That is why we love to use diamonds to represent what we eagerly expect from our relationships.

Diamonds are the epitome of purity and sparkling beauty. They take a long time to be formed and remind us of cosmic stars and infinity.

No wonder a diamond can make us feel so prestigious and luxurious. They help us explore our full potential and see that everything is possible.

What should I look for when buying a diamond? (The 4 Cs)

Each diamond features a unique identity. We cannot find two diamonds alike, which makes diamonds as unique as we are.

In order to set parameters to evaluate the worth of a diamond, an international rating system
ranks each gem for cut, color, carat, and clarity. We call it the 4C rating.



The carat reflects the weight of a diamond, and it dramatically affects its cost. The tip here is to balance size with the other three characteristics.



Diamonds carry traces of natural inclusions of varying degrees of visibility. A diamond with no inclusions is called flawless. The grading system measures how close or far a diamond is from being flawless.



Diamonds can have many colors. A perfect diamond should be colorless. The grading system then scales how close to colorless or yellow a gem is. Today, colored diamonds like pink, blue, and black diamonds are extremely sought after because of their rarity.



The cut determines the beauty of the stone with parameters such as proportion, symmetry, polish. Experts find a balance between the size of the finished stone and the quality of its cut. The cut will always aim to explore the maximum brilliance a rough diamond can have.


Steps to guarantee you make
the right choice

The process of choosing diamond jewelry offers endless options. Understanding diamond features will make buying diamonds easier.

Here are the steps you should follow when selecting a diamond jewel or engagement ring diamond:

1. Decide on the diamond cut (marquise, round, oval, emerald, princess, cushion, teardrop, etc.)
2. Look into the color, carat, and clarity of the diamond
3. Always ask for a few options so you can compare
4. Verify the diamond certificate
5. Get an expert opinion
6. Choose diamonds that meet your beauty standards and values


High-end diamond jewels


Diamond necklaces

Necklaces are expressive accessories among lovers of large jewelry. You will look stunning and stylish with a diamond necklace.

You can choose from various styles (station, strings, bar necklaces, pendant necklaces, etc.) and mix them as your heart desires. Tasteful diamond necklaces will complete any women's outfit with a glamorous finish.


Diamond fashion rings

Whether you need a gift for your sweetheart’s birthday or gorgeous jewelry rings to wear at a wedding, there is a piece of jewelry for you.

Fine jewelry diamond rings come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and choices. For this reason, there is a ring to suit every occasion, need, and budget.

Diamond watches

Fine jewelry will always show your flair and personality. This is true for every piece a person wears. If you wear an original diamond watch with gold details, it will reflect your refinement and creativity.

Diamond watches are rare and can still add pop and sparkle to a solid dress or sometimes peek from under a long-sleeved top. We adore them because they condense functionality and fashion.

Diamond earrings

We dare you to find an item of clothing that does not go well with a pair of simple diamond studs. For an impacting outfit, dangle earrings add dazzling finishing touches, making you look confident and radiant.

Earrings are versatile pieces that enrich any jewel set—for example, pairing a simple diamond earring with a pearl necklace. Earrings are jewels that complement even the most intricate outfits. No matter what you wear, diamond earrings are the icing on top of your look.

Diamond bracelets

The bracelet trend continues to gain momentum. The various forms come in thin, graceful lines or spectacular wide cuffs.

If you love big and dramatic, you will find stunning bracelets. The trick here is to embrace a metal hue for the whole look and emphasize it with an openwork cuff or a large link bracelet.

Pay attention to bright, unusual bracelets. Bracelets with catchy motives highlight the design of any outfit you put together. Take advantage of it!

If you want to replenish your jewelry box with stylish accessories, opt for diamond jewels that emphasize your individuality!

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